Project Office Engineer Head

Posted: 4 days ago
BEAEKA General Business PLC
Work Place: Robe, Oromia
Jul 23, 2019
Receive, become familiar with, coordinate, maintain and distribute all contract documents and related Company log/reports. Review all changes and initiate a Notification of Proposed Change, as necessary. Maintain both a working set and a record set of drawings and another contract documents, including addenda, field orders, Architect’s supplemental information and change orders. Ensure that...

Ecology and Innovation Intern

Posted: 4 days ago
Meles Zenawi Foundation
Work Place: Addis Ababa
Jul 28, 2019
Background The Meles Zenawi Foundation (MZF) is a living memorial, primarily guided by the intellectual aspiration to carry forward Comrade Meles Zenawi’s ideas and ideals. Meles was a champion of ecological conservation and green technological innovation. The Department of Ecology and Innovation will vigorously pursue Meles’s vision of a green growth model by encouraging the innovation...

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