Posted: 4 days ago

Work Place: Gambela, Gambela
Level: Senior Level (5+ years experience)
Nov 22, 2018
As a registered charity, founded in 1979, Action Against Hunger operates in 45+ countries. The international network of Action Against Hunger is represented in France, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, USA and India . Teams in the field combat hunger on 4 fronts: Nutrition and Health, Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL), Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Mental Health and...

Work Place: Gambela, Gambela
Level: Mid Level ( 2+ - 5 years experience)
Nov 21, 2018
General Assignment: Insure the most effective use of I-T and telecommunications equipment at the base, while respecting Action Against Hunger standards and procedures and the security rules in force   Duties and Responsibilities:   1. Administering the LMMS System  To be carried out according to the directives of the V3 "Kit log" (Logistics Kit)...

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