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To reach in our spirit with a strong positive culture firmly grounded in thinking better Ethiopia with performance value of Teamwork, Personal accountability & Self-empowerment, Flexibility and Feedback & Coaching. We need peoples like you who want chances to grow professionally to work in an environment that requires you to stretch your brain and skills.
As a growing and flourishing new enterprise we offer you lots of Opportunities to exercise your knowledge and capacity come let’s grow together!!

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Mahlet Wondimu

Specialist HR Admin
Feels like working amongst long-time friends which builds a culture of employees invested in each other as well as the company's ongoing success. Never gloomy, one of the most exciting places to come to work with team who are determined and destined for great things.
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Daniel Yilikal

Manager, central depository
It’s an exciting moment in time to work at EACWSE. As a new company, we have a lot to achieve and expectation is high. Working in a challenging and engaging environment will sharpen your skills and bring out the best in you.
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The Company

Ethiopian Agricultural Commodities Warehousing Services Enterprise (EACWSE) is established through the Council of Ministers Regulation No. 331/2014. EACWSE is mandated to separately and independently handle warehousing services of agricultural commodities as an offspring of the current Ethiopia Commodity Enterprise. EACWSE has the objective of providing innovative warehouse management service to customers and stakeholders through the application of best practices and available technologies.


“To become one of the leading and dynamic multi-commodity warehousing service providers in Africa by 2025”


To provide efficient and competitive agricultural commodities warehousing and quality certification services to our customers and stakeholders through innovation, adoption of best practices and modern technologies.


Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity embodying, mutual respect, honesty, transparency, fairness, and accountability.
Professionalism: We are committed to abide by high ethical standards of behavior as well as relevant team standards, and to develop and apply specialized knowledge for the Enterprise good. We are also committed to uphold our values in even the most difficult circumstances.
Responsiveness: We strongly believe that our customers, both internal and external deserve our timely, responsive and pro-active service.
Commitment to Excellence: We are passionate to excel customers’ and stakeholders’ expectations by continuously improving our level of efficiency and reliability.
Team Work: we recognize that team spirit, collegiality and interdependence are central to achieving the enterprise’s vision and mission;
Dynamism: we must rapidly/continuously respond and adapt to the changing situations.

Location: Alsam Chelelek Tower, Chad Street Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

All current job openings at EACWSE have expired.
New & exciting job opportunities are coming soon!