About Integrated Service on Health and Development Organization /ISHDO/ It was established on October 27, 1997 as local NGO and registered with the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ministry of Justice with major objective of combating the spread of HIV/AIDS. The organization was re-registered with the Federal Charities and Societies Agency in October 2009 with reg. number 0088 as per the new CSO legislation 621/2009.
ISHDO aspires to see healthy, productive and self-reliant society.
Promoting, and providing integrated health, education, and development services to improve the livelihood of the needy community through capacity development and active community participation.
  • To contribute the national efforts made in health, education and socio economic development and empowering the community in poverty reduction
  • To aware the community to develop behavioral change to ensure full participation and involvement in health services promotion and development activities
  • To  support  efforts being made in HIV/AIDS prevention, RH/FP & ARH education, sanitation, hygiene and nutrition
  • To support  children, youth, women, people with disability and other needy individuals  in capacity building and empowerment through formal and non-formal education
Core Values
  • Honesty and respect to stakeholders and the community addressed
  • Participatory approach in involving communities in planning and decision making
  • Accountability and  responsibility to maintain credibility
  • Maintain equality and alliance towards  all its stakeholders
  • Mutual affiliation and commitment to work with its partners at all levels