About The Bilateral Ethiopia - Netherlands Effort for Food, Income and Trade (BENEFIT) in Ethiopia

Contributing to improved food, markets and trade for rural households in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian and Netherlands staff of five programmes united in the BENEFIT partnership all work hard to contribute to achieve:

  • Increased quantity and quality of sustainable agricultural production;
  • Improved markets and trade;
  • Strengthened enabling institutional environment for the agricultural sector;

We do this with partners in universities, agricultural research organisations, government at different levels, NGOs and public enterprises and private companies.

Uniting five agricultural development programmes

The BENEFIT Partnership unites the following five agricultural development programmes:

  • Integrated Seed Sector Development in Ethiopia (ISSD Ethiopia), which supports the development of a vibrant, pluralistic and market oriented seed sector in the country;
  • Capacity building for scaling up of evidence-based best practices in agricultural production (CASCAPE), which improves agricultural productivity through promoting evidence-based best fit agricultural practices;
  • The Ethiopian-Netherlands Trade Facility for Agribusiness (ENTAG), which supports private sector development and trade in Ethiopia;
  • The Sesame Business Network (SBN) support programme, which supports stakeholders of the SBN in developing competitive, sustainable and inclusive sesame value chains in Ethiopia.
  • The Realising Sustainable Agricultural Livelihood Security in Ethiopia (REALISE), which aims to contribute to sustainable livelihood through the introduction of improved farming practices, innovations and social experiments to strengthen the current Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) in Ethiopia.