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Why Work For Us?

Gebeya is an online platform that connects top IT talent with employers all across the world. We offer employers/businesses a unique access to a pool of African IT Professionals unmatched on any other platform.

Through our online platform here , Top IT professionals are able to showcase their experience and skills in software development and engineering and paired with employers at competitive industry rates.
For more Information visit www.gebeya.com or www.gebeya.training.
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Employee Benefits

We take pride in providing world class services by ensuring quality and convenience both to the IT Professional and Employer.

A business analyst is assigned on each project to ensure that the scope of work is agreed upon, IT professionals are sufficiently compensated and projects are delivered on time and to specification.

Employees' Thoughts

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Jasper Ochieng

CEO Founder Chapeo (Kibo Capital LTD.)
Through Gebeya, we were able to get the right team of software developers and engineers to build our financial mobile application on time and within budget. The project was a success!
Industry: Financial Industry in Kenya
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Tony Kuchio

CEO/ Co-Founder Buymore LTD.
BAs a start-up, Gebeya was a dream come true. We were able to manage staffing cost by hiring top tech talent for short term projects at competitive industry rates. This has enabled us to manage our expenses and scale fast.
Industry: Retail/Financial services in Kenya
Jobs at Gebeya Developer As A Service P.L.C

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The Company

Gebeya is an online workplace for Africa that matches highly skilled, certified and multilingual IT professionals with customers to develop innovative technological solutions, improve development efficiency, scalability and mobile success by a CLICK of a button.
To guarantee quality and mitigate the IT skill gap in Africa, Gebeya opened the first Pan-African IT Academy in Africa, where IT practitioners undergo an advanced project based training for six months before they are placed on our online platform. This ensures that each software developer and engineer placed on Gebeya can handle any scope of work within his/her specialty and can take up international contracts. We urge developers who seek to advance their skills and expand their client portfolio to Apply for the advanced training program.

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Our purpose is to produce African IT talent and provide an online IT services marketplace for the global business market, expanding IT capabilities with training; increasing availability of IT talent, reducing IT operational costs and eliminating technology hardware and software needs for our clients; and increasing opportunities for our IT professionals.


  • Accessibility
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Development

Our Culture

We believe in team effort at Gebeya. All our staff members are primary contributors in meetings and everyone is encouraged to share ideas and contribute towards the organization’s goals. As a Pan-African Organization, we hire people across Africa, speaking different languages but united with a common goal and vision. This mirrors the diversity of our staff and the clients we serve. Gebeya provides opportunity for staff members to advance their carriers to management level as the company expands across Africa.

To developers who seek to join the Gebeya IT Academy and advance their skills, we pride on choosing candidates who not only have experience but also the ability and determination to be world class professionals.  The Academy offers a holistic advance training program for developers that builds their technical, business and soft skills.  

All current job openings at Gebeya Developer As A Service P.L.C have expired.
New & exciting job opportunities are coming soon!