About Nutrition International (NI), the former Micronutrient Initiative

MI offers its knowledge and technology to the food industry to add nutrients, such as iron and folic acid, to food cost-effectively without affecting its quality or taste, helping to improve the quality of life for women and their families.

MI focuses on strengthening and integrating delivery platforms for micronutrients and other health interventions; advising governments on how to use their own resources to finance the marginal costs related to adding micronutrient supplementation, including vitamin A, iron and folic acid to existing health services and programs.

MI is working on the following priority objectives in Ethiopia:
  • Increase the number of children receiving vitamin A supplementation (VAS) by expanding it to previously unreached districts. Integrate VAS into routine health systems, such as the Health Extension Program, to build sustainability.
  • Support Health Extension Workers and caregivers in using therapeutic zinc supplementation, along with oral rehydration salts, to treat diarrhoea in children.
  • Strengthen the ability of salt producers to properly iodize salt and work with partners to support efforts to enforce universal salt iodization legislation.
  • Conduct operational research into factors that could improve adherence rates of pregnant women taking daily iron and folic acidsupplementation on a daily basis.
  • Assist community members in micro-fortification of staple foods.