About Resel Pick-Pick ICT plc


Resel Pick Pick ICT Technology is a company established to provide best solution for the money based transaction for students and business community with the support of a platform called “E-ገንዘብ”, “Pick Pick share taxi” is engaged in launching 1500 meter taxi service to provide safe, comfortable, reliable and affordable transportation service in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and iDrive focuses on human resource excellence center. It give trained, professional, well behaved, disciplined and responsible professionals for companies.  

Pick Pick is engaged in providing agency banking services on behalf of the most prominent banks in Ethiopia – therefore we provide each bank’s core products to increase their reach and profitability. To maximize this offer, Resel Pick Pick ICT Technology provide certain mobile banking, telecom and utility payment services which will allow users to access their banks’ services through their mobile phones. 

The platform, e-ገንዘብ can be accessed through dialing a USSD code on any functioning mobile device with a SIM card. We also enrich the existing banking climate by crafting informative and engaging communications with the public, providing different banks’ services under one roof, rendering excellent customer service and partnering with existing organizations to simplify their services (such as the Ethiopian Postal Services, Ethio-Telecom, Ministry of Education, Anbessa City Bus, Ethiopian Electric Utility and Ethiopian Water and Sewage Utility).

Resel pick pick ICT technologies is also engaged in various projects including a smart – taxi solution. The company has recently launched unique and special meter taxi service project entitled “Pick Pick Taxi” that allows participation of all stakeholders. The solution proposed meets all requirements of quality service and is considered as a solution to the new service delivery option. 

The other company recently opened is iDrive. iDrive is the company focused on human resource excellence. It gives training for many skills and give professional certificate. It also manage human resources for the companies who aren’t interested in managing their human resource.