About InterChurch Organization for Development Cooperation(ICCO Cooperation) ICCO is working on a world without poverty and injustice. We believe in the power of people and create opportunities for people living in poverty. We do this together with companies, social organizations and governments.

Mission and Vision

The number of people living in extreme poverty with less than $ 1.25 a day has halved since 1990. That's good news, but still 836 million people have to survive in bitter poverty every day. Moreover, the gap between rich and poor is growing in many countries. Large groups of vulnerable people, not least young people, are excluded. Their rights to a safe and decent life are being violated.

People bear their own responsibility for their future, but do not always have the opportunity to improve their destiny. ICCO Cooperation offers support by working on:

  • ensuring a sustainable livelihood and
  • justice and dignity for everyone.


These two core principles of ICCO are closely linked. Without a good legal position, people do not dare to invest sustainably in their livelihood. And in an economy that violates rights, people cannot live in dignity.

The two ICCO principles are based on our core values ​​of compassion, justice and stewardship. In this way we give concrete substance to our Protestant Christian identity.