About Dugda Agro Industry PLC

Dugda Agro Industry P.L.C has two conglomerate organizations which are Dugda Agro industry and Dugda Pharmaceuticals. Dugda Agroindustry is the first safety Match plant in East Africa founded in 2006 GC, it has created job opportunity for more than 500 employees and has a capacity of manufacturing over 300,000,000 match boxes yearly and now we are expanding our production to reach the demands of the market,  Dugda Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical importer founded in 2016 GC, currently we are working with multinational drug innovators and manufacturers from Europe, Asia, Africa and Ethiopia namely Liptis Nutrition, Sandoz, GSK, Pharma International, Novartis and Julphar. Our company is distributing the imported and locally manufactured drugs from the above mentioned suppliers all over the country using to wholesalers, retailers and hospital Pharmacies to insure proper distribution of drugs which are manufactured in the world’s best healthcare manufacturing technology.