Senior Level (5+ years experience)
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Full time job
POSITION OBJECTIVE Also known as computer programmer with a key role of designing, installation, testing, and maintenance of computer programs and integrating software as per the requirements of the organization. He is responsible for writing and coding individual programs or providing an entirely new software resource. Code and test software based upon software specifications and design...

Bishoftu, Oromia
Senior Level (5+ years experience)
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Full time job
Purpose of the roles Manage and control Food Manufacturing process starting from planing to execution; Manage and control production processes and optimize raw material stock levels; Optimize people, plant, machinery and equipment; Manage unit budget; Manage healthy and effective teams in the unit; Ensure safety, health and hygiene; Provides overall management for a major food...

Managerial Level (Manager, Supervisor, Director)
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Full time job
 Primary responsibilities include the implementation and evaluation of all supply chain logistics activities and procedures, including, but not limited to, production planning, material procurement, inventory control, rate setting, outsourcing, vendor selection, and distribution. Evaluates the organization's supply chain performance against projected costs and timelines. Responsible for...