About Bethzatha Health Service Plc

Bethzatha Health Service PLC is one of the major health service providers in Ethiopia which established and begins its operation in 1988 GC.  

Bethzatha Health Service has a proven track record in serving the Community in all healthcare related services for the last 20 years. And currently It has one General Hospital, One Advanced Medical laboratory with three branches, one internal medicine specialty center, and pharmacy. And there are more than 250 employees.

We are integrated health system in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia committed to providing the highest quality of care to you and your family. Commitment to serve with compassion and providing quality of care is our mission.

We are proud to say that we are one of the leading healthcare service providers in the nation. We hope our commitment in providing access to affordable healthcare and providing quality of care to our patients/customers will continue for generation to come.

Our dedication in providing quality of care will never be compromised. It is all about our patients, doctors and our team members.