About SMART Management Services Plc SMART Management Services (SMS) is a privately owned corporate business established on August 2011. There are more than nine portfolio companies held under the realm of SMART Management Services operating in multitude of sectors in the booming Ethiopian economy. SMART has been involving and investing its fortune in education, consultancy, agriculture, hospitality, manufacturing, trading and service sectors, among others. B – Right Management Institute (BMI), Ethiopis College, Roomi Burger, JEVIS Aluminum, Galaxy Hotel, Roomi Trading, JEVIS Leather, Nael Agro Industry, Roomi Farms, Roomi Poultry and Ethio Highland Marathon are portfolio companies underneath the administration and management of SMART management services.

SMART Management Services envisions to be the preeminent business empire which will be constituted by several businesses and to make the inscribed portfolio companies “best in class” leaders with in their respective industries.

Creating synergy, enhancing efficiency and boosting wealth maximization amongst and in all sister companies through the provision of strategic leadership is the major enterprise of SMART Management Services. Furthermore, providing assistance to portfolio companies beyond their highest expectations and Leveraging business relationships on behalf of our companies alongside the provision of management services to other companies on contract basis through the use of applied business management models and techniques are also under the mission of SMART Management Services.