About The African Constituency Bureau to the Global Fund
Established in 2012 by a resolution of African Health ministers, the African Constituency Bureau (ACB) for the Global Fund began its operations in March 2017 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as a policy Think Tank for African Constituencies of the Global Fund. The Global Fund has two constituencies representing Africa, namely, the West and Central Africa (WCA) and Eastern and Southern African (ESA). The African Constituencies joined forces with a twofold intent: to ensure that constituency priorities are reflected in Global Fund strategy and operational plans; and to strengthen the presence, voice and contributions of the constituencies in all Global Fund processes. The constituencies adopted a new Governance Framework – which is now under revision – that, amongst other things, introduced the concept of establishing a joint WCA and ESA Bureau to support the Board members, Alternates, committee members and delegates representing countries from these two constituencies. 
The ACB is now in full operation and has made significant developments at establishing strategic partners, rigorizing policy analysis, strengthening engagements and participation of African countries in Global Fund governance deliberations, resource mobilization and strengthening the organization’s capacity.