About Alema Farms PLC

Alema Farms PLC, one of the leading and pioneer non-state/ private integrated farms in Ethiopia, whose head quarter and the first start up plant is located in Bishoftu/Debre Zeit town.  It was established in the year 1993 and was co-founded by the ex-military veterans Shaleqa (Majer) Alemayehu Amdemariam and Metoaleka (equivalent to Captain) Lemma Asfaw. The two ex-military officers started the company from scratch to make a fortune over the span of twenty-six years up until the present (2019).

Currently, it employs over a thousand permanent workers and hence contributed a significant share of the country’s unemployment reduction effort. It would be unfair to mention the vicissitudes that the founders passed through to reach at its present status.

Besides creating employment opportunities, it had also created so many investment and/or business schemes for small, medium and large scale farmers across the nation by providing day old chicks, pullets, vaccines, feeds, feeders, drinkers and poultry farm related inputs to the market. In doing so, thousands of people had been benefited from being engaged in rearing of layer and broiler chicks and production of eggs.

Since some years ago, the company also started the leading feed production in terms of both quality and volume of production across the nation. The feed factory had been established by the joint-venture arrangement with the Netherlands Company “De Heus” under the registered trade mark of “Alema Koudjis Feed”. The fact that the feed is the most quality and produced in large volume makes it the most preferred one across the country


To Consistently provide customers with high quality, innovate poultry, livestock and agricultural products and services. Sustainability and growth will be achieved through optimum product mix, efficient production, human animal treatment, employee development in a safe and supporting work environment.


To meet and exceed customer demand and service expectations in providing high quality poultry, livestock and agricultural products and be recognized as the brand of  choice‖ in Ethiopia.

Our range of products

Chicken meat and cuts

Pork meat and cuts

Processed meat products

Table egg 

Day old chicks and Pullet

Veterinary drug and Agro Chemicals

Super market  and restaurant

Animal feed  (AKF)