About Elite Agro LLC Ethiopia Branch

Elite Agro aspires to write a new green history on the sands of UAE. We are one of the leading producers and distributors of daily fresh vegetables and fruits in the region and our primary objective always are quality & affordability. We engage in growing, sourcing, importing and marketing a wide range of high-quality agricultural products through world-class technology and effective distribution chain, with the most economic use of their natural resources conserving water, energy and land. We also provide corporate farming, farm development, farm management, irrigation consultancy, and laboratory services. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Elite Agro LLC operates as a subsidiary of Emirates Advanced Investments Company.

With the benefit of regional knowledge and expertise and with strategic investment in modern machinery and specialist training for labor, Elite Agro has invested to increase output across its farming interests. We currently farm in UAE, Serbia and Morocco, growing a wide range of vegetables, cereals and fruits in all three countries.

We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and responsibility in our employees by being oriented toward development and training.



Holding ourselves close to the philosophy of hard work, we have set our vision on inspiring everyone to achieve the ultimate goal of ‘Healthy Society’. We commit to continuous improvement of our business operations, expanding production capacities and leveraging innovations to meet our goal.

Growing farm fresh products and reaching them to the public certainly delights us, but we aspire to go beyond it and much farther in this noble endeavor. Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and responsibility in our employees, we are set to create new benchmarks in quality for agricultural products and perk up the agro activities in the region.

We are committed to drawing new lines in the realm of farming and invite fresh and innovative thoughts that can contribute to the overall advancement of the region.



As always we say, we are duty-bound to work towards achieving ‘Food For All’. We believe we have a noble mission to undertake in the country’s journey towards achieving self-reliance and food security. It’s our mission to underscore our commitment and hard work towards building Elite Agro into a reputed business group in farming and its downstream industries.



  • Adherence to Quality
  • Foster agricultural growth through innovations
  • Work with sustainability in mind
  • Commitment to social responsibility
  • Act with integrity