About Gifted Hands Education Service plc.
☺ Who we are:

• We are Gifted Hands Pre-Primary Education and Activities of after School Center. As of July 2007, we have officially started our enrolment processes for KG students; levels nursery, Lower KG, and Upper KG. We have created a beautiful, safe, and warm environment for the upcoming generation and are willing to take the responsibility in providing them with exceptional education and an enjoyable experience.

 Vision:

• To see a well-equipped new generation in skill, knowledge, moral value, and attitude in the coming 30 years through all rounded basic education. To grow our early childhood education program into primary and secondary education level program (elementary school and high school).

 Mission:

• To provide basic well-rounded education for children from nursery to the higher grades by using Ethiopian ministry of education and world standard curriculum. To inspire a love of learning, encourage our students to dream big, and to build self-confidence. To influence and shape the characters of the next generation into becoming positive, selfless, and dedicated individuals.

Mekanisa Abo Mazoria Round about
When you start heading towards Abo Church, take the first left (if you're driving, second left if you're walking) and you'll find us on your right after you go in about 100 meters.