About African Bamboo Plc
African Bamboo Private Limited Company (PLC) is an Ethiopian start-up company, wholly owned by Fortune Enterprise PLC, an Ethiopian furniture manufacturer, established in 1964 in Addis Ababa. African Bamboo is currently establishing an integrated value chain for the processing of indigenous bamboo into a high-quality flooring product for the export market. From sourcing the bamboo to export, marketing and sales of the final product, the entire chain is controlled by African Bamboo. The company has passed the feasibility stage and activities are quickly ramping up to (pre) implementation phase; eg. securing our supply of bamboo in various ways, pre-engineering of machines and civil construction.

With influences from Ethiopia, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands, the African Bamboo team can be described as colorful. The team is regularly supported with specialized consultants from across the world. Our spirit and way of working is characterized by teamwork, hands-on mentality, problem solving, great amount of individual responsibility and flexibility. For more information on our company, please visit www.african-bamboo.com.