About Comitato Collaborazione Medica (CCM)
CCM (Comitato Collaborazione Medica) is an Italian NGO operating in Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Uganda, specialized in the implementation of health-related projects in both humanitarian and development contexts.

CCM has been working in Ethiopia since 1982. It is present in several areas, namely in Tigray (North Ethiopia), Bale Zone of Oromia (central Ethiopia) and Liben Zone of the Somali Region (South Ethiopia), collaborating with Regional, Zonal and woreda health authorities to implement the Ministry of Health policies and strategies to meet MDG 4, 5 and 6. CCM initiatives are mostly meant at improving the delivery of primary and secondary health services, with main focus on reproductive and mother-and-child health and strengthening the Ethiopian health system mostly by supporting the training of health professionals. CCM initiatives do target both local and – when present – IDP/refugee populations.

For further information on the organization, please visit the website at www.ccm-italia.org.