About ABIG
ABIG is consisting of companies that are engaged in the manufacturing and service sector headquartered in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. The manufacturing sector mainly focuses in the food and beverages line of business while the service sector focuses on health care.

Our Food and Beverages Group strives to become the leading Food and Beverages Company in Ethiopia by making Food and Beverages that are people’s preferred choice and at the same time build a high performing organization which will play a key role in making Ethiopia food and beverages exporting nation.

Our healthcare Group envisions to bringing the highest standard medical care to the country by setting up a brand new 500 bed hospital and perhaps serves the nation as a magnetic force to the much needed medical professional who reside the country as well as provide a world class education and training center in addition to the already existing reputable health care facility which will significantly reduce medical travel and encourage medical tourism to the country.