About Action Aid Ethiopia

Action Aid Ethiopia (AAE) is a branch of Action Aid International (AAI), which is a unique global partnership of people, organizations, and social movements that is committed to end poverty. Action aid International works with the poorest of the port in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. AAI has been operating in Ethiopia since 1989 mainly in six regional states and other urban and pastoralist areas where the majority of the people lack basic necessities. AAE focuses on strengthening poor peoples and their organization’s capability to own and lead their own development.


Action aid Ethiopia envisions a poverty free Ethiopia where women and men realize their potential and live in dignity and prosperity. It works in partnership with multiple development actors including people’s organizations and government.

AAE exists to work in genuine partnership with poor women and men to eradicate absolute poverty.


It employs multiple and complementary core and underlying working principles and strategies in its work such as Addressing Immediate Needs, Participation, Capacity Building, Knowledge Generation, Documentation and Sharing, Partnership and Networking. Its Priority Poverty agendas include: Food Security and Emergencies, Education, Women development, and Primary Health Care and HIV/AIDS


ActionAid Ethiopia has been engaged in development since 1989. Currently, it works in around 50 Woredas in Amhara, Oromiya, Tigray, Gambella and the SNNP and Benishangul Gumz states as well as the Addis Ababa city administration. In most of these development areas, AAE works to enable local communities and community based organizations to tackle poverty and inadequacy of social services.


AAE directly operates in ten Woredas across the country. It operates in Gena Bossa, Azernet Berbere, Kemba, Yem and Decha Woredas in the South Nations, Nationalities and Peoples State (SNNPS), in Kombolcha and Arsi Seru Woredas in the Eastern Oromia Region, in Kemashi Zone in Benshangul Gumuz Region as well as in Janamora and Ofla Woredas in the North. AAE also has 10 additional operational areas that are implemented in partnership with various Local NGOs.