About Ethiopian Midwives Association
Ethiopian Midwives Association (EMA) is one of the pioneer’s registered professional Associations established to represent midwives and midwifery profession in Ethiopia. It aims at contributing to the reduction of maternal and child morbidity and mortality in Ethiopia. Ethiopian midwives Association in collaboration with Jhpiego Ethiopia and other partners has been implementing USAID funded 5 years project titled Strengthening Human Resource for Health (HRH) in which Jhpiego will take the lead. The main goal of the project is to meet human resources for health program for Ethiopia. The HRH project will identify and provide financial assistance to support emergency placement of experienced midwifery professionals and experts to provide short-term technical assistance to selected universities and health science colleges with midwifery program with critical staff shortage, with the aim of improving midwifery training.
Thus, Ethiopian Midwives Association wants to hire temporarily 10 competent midwife tutors and 10 clinical preceptors for universities and health science colleges with midwifery program. The objective of improving the quality of midwifery training through temporary placement of midwifery tutors & preceptors for selected universities and HSC where there is critical staff shortage.