About Multichoice Ethiopia Plc
MultiChoice Africa is a company born and bred in Africa, with a firm commitment to the development of the continent. Our leadership in premium pay television technology and entertainment continues to keep Africa connected in real time with the world through the DStv platform. We are a responsible investor devoted to promoting and projecting Africa, its successes and the aspirations of its people in a coherent and sustainable way by making significant investments in African TV and film production.

Since pioneering digital television in Africa in 1995, DStv has built a presence across 48 African countries, entrenching its position at the forefront of entertainment benchmarked against the best operators across the globe. DStv’s unparalleled family entertainment packages allow subscribers flexibility in price and choice without compromising quality or variety.

MultiChoice is committed to partnering with local entrepreneurs, governments and broadcasters in Africa, tailoring its operations to suit local needs while maintaining the highest levels of service and product quality.

MultiChoice Africa’s success grows its local partnerships, which have enabled the company to operate with an understanding of, and respect for, the many different cultures found on this diverse continent.

Our Franchise in Ethiopia

MultiChoice Ethiopia was established as a franchise in February 2000 and has a rapidly growing subscriber base, driven primarily by high demand for coverage of sports provided by SuperSport,  up-to-date news coverage, children programs, documentaries and premium movies. Our head office is based in Addis Ababa, the diplomatic capital of Africa, where MultiChoice Ethiopia provides premium television services to a truly cosmopolitan mix of subscribers.


Our Commitment

MultiChoice Africa will continue to lead the development of a vibrant and diverse media and television industry, keeping Ethiopia at the forefront of the digital technology revolution.

MultiChoice Africa also believes it is important for corporate Africa to make a contribution to the continent’s development. Education and access to information are key to the development and growth of a nation, and therefore we are actively rolling out MultiChoice Resource Centers, providing television equipment and the DStv Educational Bouquet to under-resourced schools. Up until now we have allowed eleven schools in the Amhara region to have access to our educational bouquet all year round. with a close cooperation with the Ministry of Education ICT department we have allowed more than 1000 schools to have access to our educational bouquets through the network of plasma prisms installed in every preparatory school. The MRCs play an important role in providing access to information to schools, in particular rural schools, thereby helping to bridge the digital divide between schools with access to information and those without.
Students in the various schools are now able to better understand sophisticated concepts that are difficult to grasp without visual experience. A project is underway for the 2011/2012 budget year to create MultiChoice Resource Centers in 16 schools in the Oromia region alone. We will continue making further investments into resource centers in schools across Ethiopia in future. ________________________________________________________________________________

Local Content

There is increasing demand across the continent for the localization of TV content. We are committed to creating and supporting African content, made by Africans, for Africans, reflecting Africa back on itself with programs such as Big Brother Africa, Deal or No Deal, Idols and Studio 53. The phenomenal success of our local content initiatives has led to the launch of Africa Magic and Africa Magic Plus, both of which feature exclusively African content.

Sport is a critical component of the local content mix, and we are proud of the support and commitment SuperSport has given to the development and showcasing of African soccer, with support for Zambian, Kenyan, Nigerian and Angolan soccer.

In addition, M-Net, a premium content provider for DStv has produced a number of new television series and is now moving towards more localized productions of drama and Tele-novelas in East, West and Southern Africa – making content more localized and relevant to audiences across Africa.

Contact Us

MultiChoice Ethiopia Main Branch

Bole, Africa Avenue, TK international Building,Room No. 11, P.O.BOX 8680, FAX: +251 11 663 9986, Tel +251 11 663 9900, Email: info@dstvethiopia.com

Mehal Merkato, Jabulani Building Room No. 204, P.O.BOX 8680, FAX: +251 11 278 4492, Tel +251 11 663 9900 , Email: info@dstvethiopia.com