About Joytech Plc

JoyTech is an agricultural labor of love, owned and managed by skilled and experienced growers. Our technologically-advanced methods for growing fresh herbs, floriculture and plant propagation are rooted in over 40 years of accrued agricultural skills.

Exporting 365 days a year to Europe, Japan, Singapore, Russia and the Middle East, JoyTech has been growing and shipping a wide assortment of fresh agriculture produce from Ethiopia since its inception in 2003. From field and greenhouse to packing plant and cold truck distribution, every facet of our operation integrates the finest technology-oriented systems and growing practices, ensuring our strict adherence to European food-safety standards. We feel privileged to deliver the finest quality fresh herbs available – including basil, chives, mint, tarragon, and more – to discerning importers, packers, wholesalers and caterers situated across our multiple regions of export.

JoyTech currently maintains three distinct areas of business, including the growing and exporting of more than 18 different varieties of fresh herbs; the cultivation and export of cut roses and summer flowers; and the propagation of plants and seedlings.