About Think Africa Training and Consulting

Think Africa training and consulting is determined to provide high quality training and consulting services to business and development sectors across Africa. As we all know, the 21st century is characterized by pace of change. In business especially, globalization, high competition, application of information technology, need for innovation and creativity have created the need for organizations to respond rapidly to market demands. What was needed to be a skilled person in 20th century society differs dramatically from the expertise needed to be a well-educated, well rounded and capable 21st century citizen. Therefore, it is imperative that we equip companies with up to date 21st century skills to enable it to navigate the challenges of a globalized society and an increasingly knowledge based, highly competitive market.

Our work aims to develop excellence in Africa by helping:

  1. Individuals unleash in-born potential,
  2. Academic institutions provide 21st century quality education.
  3. Private companies grow competitively whether in the local and/or global arenas;
  4. Development organizations efficiently deliver on commitments;

VISION: To be a leading Training and Consulting company in leveraging Ethiopia’s human capital.
MISSION: To provide innovative trainings and consultancy that promote excellence in individuals and organizations.
GUIDING PHILOSOPHY: Excellence in all you do!

Why Excellence?

Excellence means a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards, such as individual excellence, academic excellence, organizational excellence, business excellence, operation excellence..etc. We believe in the 21st companies need to develop excellence in every aspect of their endeavors and equip themselves with strategies that ultimately brings about it. This is why we focus on providing expertise that unleash individual as well as organizational excellence.


We collaborate with you at each and every step to ensure that the training and consultancy are well received by the intended audience and exceed the organization’s required outcomes. We believe that training should not stop in front of a whiteboard. We stress on hands on application, real life experiences and ongoing relationship.


  • Creativity: new products, new ideas
  • Innovation: venture into new, breakthrough areas of opportunity.
  • Reliability: exceeding specifications
  • Customer Delight: satisfaction and joy to customers
  • Service to Society: development of products and services that meet real
  • physical, social, or psychological needs.

Why Think Africa?

  • A strategic focus on long-term relationships and results;
  • Complete custom and target audience inclusive training (relevant company
  • policies, procedures and key objectives)
  • High quality training materials & tools
  • Strategic Partnerships with renowned individuals and firms
  • State of the art methodology which keep things practical and simple

Why a Thinking Company?

The ability to marshal and understand data and form correct judgments is a critical business skill, since these directly influence the decisions taken in the organization. Many firms focus on action, execution, and getting things done, without paying sufficient attention to the underlying thinking processes. Thinking precedes doing, and excellent thinking contributes to excellent outcomes. On the other hand, poor thinking contributes to poor outcomes.