About Center for African Leadership Development (CALD)

CALD is a firm committed to integrity, excellence and a groundbreaking uplift of human potential.



CALD, through its vibrant mix of high caliber staff and associates, offers a buffet of over 24 training topics, including:

  • Leadership development (basic to advanced level)
  • Leadership development (basic to advanced level)Effective communication skills
  • Effective communication skillsEmotional intelligence
  • Emotional intelligenceTeam building and team leadership
  • Team building and team leadershipCreativity and problem solving
  • Creativity and problem solving
  • Project management and many more.


Through our consultancy services, we provide solutions for:Leadership development (LD),

  • Leadership development (LD),Organizational development (OD) and
  • Organizational development (OD) andHuman resources (HR) solutions.
  • Human resources (HR) solutions.Research


CALD undergirds every training and consultancy effort with well-founded in-house research capability. We also conduct self-initiated and partnership-based research projects in the area of human capital and organizational development. Moreover, we carry out related research undertakings per demand.


At CALD, we have produced several publications in the areas of leadership and management, both hard copies and e-publications. In addition to its newsletters, CALD has produced two special editions of a leadership magazine titled “Aha!”, and has published an Amharic book containing collection of leadership stories and tales, under the title “የአመራር ተረክ” , the second volume of which shall be published soon.

Service Methodology

Approaches to content delivery will follow the principles of adult learning and will have the following features:

  • Process oriented
  • Trainee centered and regarding
  • Participatory and interactive
  • Linkages and interconnectivity between theory and practice
  • Usage and application of real life situations (experiential)
  • Sensitive to different learning and appreciation speeds

Flagship Programs


I-LEAP is a one-month management and leadership fundamentals course for personal growth and initiating change. It boosts one’s strive for leadership and management practice to bring concrete influence on mindset shifts, habits formation, and basic behavioral changes.

I-Leap program promo pictures


I-LEAD is an intensive three-month leadership development program. It brings together personal development, leadership development and change leadership.

Comprised of trainings, book reviews, field visits, assessments and a BREAKTHROUGH project, it sets out to bring a groundbreaking change in both organizational and personal endeavors.

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Contact Us Through
Phone: +251 116 18 03 31 | +251 911 640934 | +251 911 195545
Email: info@caldafrica.com

Testimonials of former I-LEAD participants

“Divine arrangement of EXCELLENCE in LIFE and CAREER”

Alexander Berhe, E-banking Director, Wegagen Bank

“ENLIGHTENING and ENRICHING to the depth of the soul”

Zelalem Eteffa, Deputy Director, Sele Enat Mahiber

Clients We’ve Had So Far

We have so far worked with over 70 organizations. Here are a few:

Not-for-profit clients:

  • British Council – Civil Society Support Program – CSSP
  • International Rescue Committee (IRC)
  • SIHA East Africa Network
  • Management Sciences for Health (MSH)
  • PACT Ethiopia
  • John Snow Incorporated (JSI)
  • MEDA (Mennonite Enterprise Development Associates)
  • Packard Foundation/IFHP

Corporate clients:

  • Berhan International Bank
  • Anbessa International Bank
  • Cooperative Bank of Oromiya
  • Boston Business Partners/ Kuriftu Resort and Spa
  • Afro–European Engineers
  • ACME Engineering
  • Markos P.L.C.

Testimonials of some of CALD’s long term clients

“It’s so noticeable that CALD has exhibited greater responsibility and ownership in adding tangible values to our human capital development.”
Berhan Bank

“It is our conviction to recognize the amount of effort that CALD has been exerting and the diligence they have demonstrated to the growth of our staff.”
Kuriftu Resort and Spa

Some of Our Training Associates

Ahadu Gebreamlak (LLB)

Mr. Ahadu, CALD’s managing director and country director of Cherokee Consulting (a US based company), has been working in the areas of personal and organizational development for over 15 years especially as a leadership development consultant, learning facilitator and trainer, and organizational development expert. He has also passed through rigorous courses and received competency certificates in leadership, management and several related fields.

Lemma Degefa (PhD)

Dr. Lemma has over 36 years of successful professional experience in the field of Management, Leadership, Country Strategy Plan and Development, Project Planning and Management, Coaching and Training. He has 24 years of International Employment abroad as the Lutheran World Federation Executive Officer in Zambia and Malawi, and Regional Program Coordinator for East and Central Africa based in Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Lemma is currently serving as secretary general of Hope Enterprises.

Ededeya Assefa (MBA)

Mr. Ededeya, obtaining his MBA from Edinburgh Business School, Scotland, has amassed a wealth of hands on experience, which he gained through working with multinational companies such as Shell Oil Products Africa, BonusLink Malaysia, and Shell Oil Products Asia Pacific. In his training manager role while in Shell, Ededeya was responsible for competence and leadership development of over 100 shell staff through structured process of competence assessment, gap identification, program development, and execution of learning interventions. He has attended and facilitated a number of local, Pan-African and global Management and Leadership development courses. Ededeya is currently general manager of Enrich Agro Industry.