Work Place: Gambella, Gambela
Level: Mid Level ( 2+ - 5 years experience)
Jul 5, 2017
Job Summary: The holder of this post is responsible for supervision of the compound in liaison with the compound supervisor. He/she is expected to oversee the compound hygiene and sanitation and suggest improvements and work on other compound and staff related issues. The HR and Administration Officer will work very closely with logistic department, Senior HR/Admin  Officer and...

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Work Place: Kule Refugee Camp, Gambela
Level: Mid Level ( 2+ - 5 years experience)
Jul 7, 2017
Main Purpose Ï   Ensures proper functioning of all Nutrition activities in all the health post and centres/Outreach, under his/her responsibility, implements MSF policies, protocols and procedures, to guarantee quality maternal and neonatal care of the target refugee population....

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Work Place: Assosa, BGRS, Gambela
Level: Senior Level (5+ years experience)
Jul 4, 2017
The Pharo Foundation is a private foundation committed to the development of Africa.  Our vision is an economically self-reliant Africa. Our mission is to facilitate economic independence of the African people through the promotion of sustainable livelihoods and job creation in Africa.  We value sharing, passion, respect, humility and collaboration. Since our establishment in...

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Work Place: Nyinnyang,Itang, Pugido, Gambela
Level: Mid Level ( 2+ - 5 years experience)
Jun 29, 2017
General Assignment: Ensure the proper implementation of care practices integrated with CMAM and psychosocial/nutritional support be provided to the beneficiaries as needed. Duties and Responsibilities: 1: Ensure proper implementation of the care practices approach in the CMAM integrated project Assist the HEWs, HWs and TBAs to implement the...

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Work Place: Gambela
Level: Mid Level ( 2+ - 5 years experience)
Jun 30, 2017
MAIN OBJECTIVE OF THE POSITION ·         Assist the doctor anesthetist all anesthetic medical activities (pre-anesthesia evaluation, administration of anesthesia, recovery period, specific pharmacy, equipment, general organization, etc.), according to MSF policies, protocols and universal hygiene standards, in order to ensure the quality of pre,...