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Company profile

Berry is a full service creative Agency, whose sole purpose is to see through these corporate and institutional dreams made fruitful. Our everyday focus is to support our clients with all the necessary creative and strategic tools in order for them to gain significant and quantifiable results. This belief highly Impacts everything we do as an agency. We set up our agency dynamics, creative approach, in house talent recruitments and creative networks to best fit this purpose.


We are looking Accountant; the one who fits our qualification and dynamic in her/his daily activity can apply for the post.

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Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  •   Management of one or more product segments
  • Execution of sourcing strategy according to the Sales and marketing Manager guidance in collaboration with Finance/controlling functions.
  • Undertake derivation of procurement target per category /products in line with sales forecast
  • Strategic analysis of supply markets and supply chains to continuously drive benefits to EATH Customers.
  • Preparation and execution of Supplier negotiations in coordination with sales and marketing department.
  • Monitoring of stock level, supplier performance and supply chain performance.
  • Close collaboration with related functions, e.g. Inventory, Logistics and warehouse management.
& Perform other related duties as assigned. ]]>
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<![CDATA[Technical Advsior for Qulaity and Child Health]]>


The Last Ten Kilometers (L10K 2020) Project of JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. (JSI), with funds from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has been implementing community-based maternal, newborn, and child health strategies since 2008 to contribute to the achievement of Ethiopia’s Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health (RMNCH) related targets of the Health Sector Transformation Plan (HSTP).


L10K2020 re-scoped its project to align with the Bill and Melinda Gates Ethiopian Integrated Health Plan (EIHP). As such L10K 2020 focus has shifted from implementation support to systems support since October 2017. The focus of support will be both at Federal Ministry of health and the four big regions (Oromiya, Amahara, Tigray and SNNPR) and selected Zones in the four regions. L10K 2020 will be using embedding technical staff at FMOH, RHBs and Selected Zones in the four regions it operates as one of strategic approach to providing systems support. To enhance the capacity of RHBs/ZHDs and enable them provide support to Woredas under their preview to achieve the HSTP targets.




The Technical Advisor will provide overall strategic and technical guidance in quality of care and child health and will work towards operationalizing the national and regional quality strategy by supporting the implementation of the components of high quality clinical care in close collaboration with the regional L10K team. The TA will also lead the newborn and child health portfolio of L10K including providing technical support in newborn and child health to the Ministry of Health and Regional Health Bureaus.  The Technical Advisor will collaborate with the technical assistants at the regional health bureau and in the demonstration zones in his/her effort to support the Center of Excellence for HQCC.  The TA will also provide technical support for the FMOH/RHB/ZHD in quality planning, quality improvement and quality assurance initiatives with focus on HQCC and in newborn and child health. S/he will work under the direct supervision of the Technical Director and work closely with L10K 2020 team at central and regional level. 



-       Provide strategic and technical leadership and oversight for L10K’s High Quality Clinical Care support to the FMOH/RHBs under the L10K 2020 Project.  Key areas include providing guidance in:


o   The establishment and running of the centre of excellences in the four demonstration zone including the establishment and functioning of the skills lab.

o   Building capacity of FMOH and RHBs to lead and implement clinical mentorship program and compassionate respectful care as part of improving provision of quality RMNCH service.

o   Bbuilding capacity of FMOH and RHBs towards effective clinical care management.

o   Develop a learning platform to share lessons from the centers of excellence in the demonstration zones through continuously identifying, documenting, disseminating and scaling up learnings and best experiences

o   Support RHBs and centre of excellence facilities  in organizing learning visits and spread of  learnings




-       Provide technical support to the FMOH directly and through participating in technical working groups for the successful implementation of the National Quality Strategy including developing strategies to enhance the capacity of FMOH and RHBs to lead and implement the strategy and processes


-       Provide technical guidance to FMOH and RHBs to organize and conduct effective Integrated Supportive Supervision (ISS) and Performance Review Meeting (PRM)


−        Provide support in strengthening the use of data and evidence, across all levels of the health system to improve the quality of RMNCH programs


−        Facilitate effective partnership with stakeholders engaged in the implementation of quality care provision in RMNCH program.


−        Closely work with and contribute on the national RMNCH and quality technical working groups and task forces.


−        Lead the planning, monitoring, evaluation and documentation of lessons from the implementation of L10K 2020’s quality of care component.


−        Collaborate with development partners such as IHI for effective and synergistic.


-       Provide strategic and technical leadership in child/newborn health and provide oversight to L10K’s Optimizing Health Extension Program for Child/NewBorn Health funded by UNICEF.  This will include:

-       Provide technical support to the FMOH directly and through participating in technical working groups for the successful implementation of child survival strategy as well us enhance the capacity of FMOH and RHBs to lead and implement the strategy and processes

o   Providing technical support to the FMOH in child/newborn health directly and through participating in national technical working group for child/newborn health

o   Lead the implementation of the OHEP for child/new born health



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<![CDATA[Administration and Human Resource Assistant (two Person)]]>

Admin and HR Assistant



Internal Job Grade                            

 E1 National

Contract type                                      

Fixed term until 31 December  17

Reporting to                                         

HR & Admin Officer

Staff reporting to this post              



Jigjiga, Somali  



Shaping a stronger Oxfam for people living in poverty

Team Purpose

To work with others to find lasting solutions to poverty and suffering

Job Purpose

To provide functional and/or technical support and implement operational plans to enhance the organisation’s performance through our people.


  • Supervising/monitoring resources within defined boundaries or a specialist area,
  • Providing support to managers on areas of work covered in their remit.
  • Provides support for and implements operational plans to agreed standards.
  • Assists with the development of solutions and develops solutions to more routine problems.
  • Applies information received in a variety of formats primarily from internal sources.
  • Flexibility to anticipate and resolve challenges within the operational context.
  • Impact of this role is significant within the department and could have some impact division(s)-wide.
  • Influence functional/ operational planning.
  • Influence staff and volunteers in Oxfam and develop effective relationships

 Key Responsibilities

 Recruitment administration:

  • Provide administrative support to the recruitment of national staff for drought response and ensure that the recruitments take place on time and Oxfam standards have been applied for such practices/processes
  • Timely and professional communication of progress on recruitment to managers and taking responsibility for all national recruitment actions on behalf of managers or ensuring managers are aware of required actions,
  • Ensure all recruitments are well planned prior to closing date and managers are aware of their commitment for such recruits and what support they need from HR
  • Provide advice to all programme managers on recruitment guidelines and procedures.
  • Ensure all interview plan, communication to candidates, invitation of panel members and booking of interview rooms are done on time.
  • Timely communication to successful candidates and reference check
  • Provide support in issuing offer letters and contracts.
  • Ensure that personnel files are open and accurate for all new recruited staffs et electronic filing is completed accordingly.

 Contract management.

  • Ensure that all employment contract templates are updated, in line with the local labour law and Oxfam GB’s policy.
  • Keep updated the individual files and ensure that information is shared with relevant departments and offices.
  • Effective co-ordination of the leavers process, ensuring that staff have exit interviews, final payments are agreed and processed, equipment returned etc.
  • Effective and timely monitoring of dates relating to Probationary Periods, and end of contracts etc
  • Ensure effective pay processing through submission of the monthly payroll data and liaison with Human Resources Manager.
  • Participate and provide support as required and necessary for the annual salary review.
  • Ensure that all HR filing is managed in a speedy and accurate manner.

Health and Safety, Medical and Absence Management

  • Support in ensuring that employee medical records are up to date and that arrangements are facilitated if necessary for any medical treatment that is required.
  • Support in ensuring that the medical expenses policy is cost effective and meets staff and organisational needs, and that expenses are managed effectively.
  • Ensure that absence (including annual leave and sick leave) is proactively managed
  • Monitor staff welfare and health, including balances of annual leave and rates of sickness absence, providing reports to the HR Manager as required.

Administration Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for the effective use and functioning of Oxfam premises, and all asset items in the office including office machines repair. Ensure that the office including rest rooms, lobbies conference room and associated facilities, notice boards are maintained in a professional manner and upto standard. Liaise with logistics team as necessary to ensure regular maintenance of the office and facilities.
  • Facilitate appropriate arrangement of conference facilities for meetings in the compound or out side. Ensure availability of conference facilities and materials for workshops and meetings in collaboration with the respective organizer/s.
  • Assist the administration staff to carry out their duties related to contact with Government bodies and service providers, procurement of office stationeries. Preparing letters and order forms.
  • Facilitate international and domestic flight bookings for staff and Oxfam GB visitors by following the current procedures. Follow-up with the travel agent with regards to the presentation of the monthly billing system.  Reconcile bills, confirm accuracy and ensure that approved payment request is submitted to finance in a timely manner.
  • Facilitate hotel and guest house bookings for Oxfam GB staff and visitors, follow-up the presentation of monthly bills and ensure that approved payment request is submitted in a timely manner.
  • Ensure the office has sufficient office supplies at any given time. Conduct and record a proper inventory of office supplies.
  • Ensure that there is ample forms and templates for staff use available in the office.
  • Ensure that documents are filed in their respective files within the central filing system to facilitate access to documentation by staff.
  • Ensure Oxfam guest house is well maintained at all time and make sure that utilities are replenished  and acts as a point of contact for all guests to address concerns
  • Proactively engage in administering the timely replenishment and payment of water, electricity, phone, refreshment and hygiene materials  
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<![CDATA[General Accounts Division Head]]>

Company Overview

ETAB soap factory is the sole privately-owned manufacturer of soap and soap products in Hawassa. The factory initially existed in 1993 E.C. as a small cottage industry at Hawassa town. Based on favorable industrial development policy of the country, its present existence at Hawassa industry zone began in 1997 E.C. The main line of the factory is laundry soaps in several grades and versions. This is designed to meet laundry soap needs of organizations and individual homes. Our factory therefore, encourages potential candidates to apply for the following vacant posts.

Position Overview

The General Accounts Division Head reports to the Finance Department Manager of the factory and expected to plan, organize, lead, coordinate and control different financial activities of the factory. He/she is expected to manage overall general accounts of the organization. Moreover that, his/her duties include:

  • Management of General Ledger and all accounting activities to enable local and group accounting statutory financial requirements to be met.
  • Maintain accounting controls by preparing and recommending policies and procedures, implementing group finance policies and procedures.
  • Ensure all accounting activities are performed to the required time and quality standards.
  • Plan, organize, direct, coordinate and control the general accounting operation of the company.
  • Implement approved accounting policies and procedures; recommend improvement in the existing accounting operation systems
  • Maintain proper books of accounts and records for the company’s financial and accounting transactions including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger.
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<![CDATA[Finance Department Manager]]>

Company Overview

ETAB soap factory is the sole privately-owned manufacturer of soap and soap products in Hawassa. The factory initially existed in 1993 E.C. as a small cottage industry at Hawassa town. Based on favorable industrial development policy of the country, its present existence at Hawassa industry zone began in 1997 E.C. The main line of the factory is laundry soaps in several grades and versions. This is designed to meet laundry soap needs of organizations and individual homes. Our factory therefore, encourages potential candidates to apply for the following vacant posts.

Position Overview

The Finance department Manager reports to Deputy General Manager of the factory and expected to plan, organize, lead, coordinate and control different financing and financial activities of the factory. he/she is expected to manage the overall budget of the organization. Moreover that, His/her duties include:

  • Make sure the provision of finance to undertake business portfolio.
  • Perform the development of financial accounting policies and procedures of the company.
  • Assure proper implementation of financial proclamations, rules and regulations.
  • Lead, control and evaluate the performance of finance department workers.
  • Properly utilize different financial documents and vouchers and keep them safely.
  • Approve and sign on payment vouchers, checks and bank letters.
  • In cooperation with Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Service, Consolidate annual financial plan and physical plan of the organization.
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<![CDATA[Public Health Engineering (PHE) Assistant 2 Person]]>

PUBLIC HEALTH engineering assistants - technicians


Annual Salary and Benefits

According to Oxfam Salary Scale

Internal Job Grade                       


Contract type                               

Fixed Term

Reporting to                                  

PHE Officer – EHF Project

Staff reporting to this post             



Fafan Zone

Annual Budget             




Oxfam is responding to the impact of the drought of 2017-2018 as well as the violence in Somali region as part of its humanitarian mandate. The current programme is in response to the violence in Somali region which has resulted in thousands of people being displaced and living in IDP camps. 


  • Role - As part of the WASH intervention, to safeguard and improve the public health of the affected population by:
  • Ensuring appropriate community involvement in the design and delivery of essential WASH services and facilities.


Supervise Public Health engineering activities; particularly civil engineering work in line with relevant standards, codes of conduct, and humanitarian principles.

Supervise and implement civil engineering activities activities and resources so that they are implemented and handed over or ended in a way that promotes local capacities and sustainable operations.



Information management

  • Implement the appropriate and acceptable water supply systems and sanitation facilities designs in assigned Programme areas.
  • Implement and supervise the planned Water safety activities in the project area in interactive and participatory manner
  • Supervise the use of machinery and equipment.
  • Assist PHE officer & PHE technical team leader, and WASH coordinator in civil engineering activities including construction of reservoir in line with BOQ, tap-stand, pipeline installation; testing of installations.
  • Under the guidance of the PHE officer and PHE technical team leader, take part in water and sanitation needs assessments.
  • Work closely with community-based institutions (such as WASH Co) and local level government officials, undertake community (men, women, children) mobilization and their capacity building on quality water & sanitation services 
  • Be involved in designing and delivering training for implementing partners and community (WASH Co, operation and maintenance technicians).
  • Undertake regular field visits to supervise and assist in implementation of the activities and take appropriate measures to tackle operation problems affecting the implementation processes and quality of the intervention.
  • Ensure that work is carried out in a way that is sensitive to the community needs and gender issues. In particular to promote the full and equal participation of women in all aspect of the work and to ensure that Oxfam’s Programme is an opportunity for community cohesion and harmony rather than division.
  • Provide inputs and participate in the compilation of weekly, monthly and project end reports where necessary, relating to progress made on water & sanitation, with focus on objectives, obstacles and possible solutions, together with future plans and recommendations where necessary.
  • Carry out water quality analysis, disinfection and report accordingly.
  • Support WASH team to ensure adherence to minimum standards of technical quality in all WASH related activities and interventions
  • In case of emergency response, undertake additional responsibilities related to respective functions 
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<![CDATA[Terms of Reference EU RESET PLUS YOUTH EMPOWERMENT FOR SUCESSFUL TRANSTION TO DECENT WORK Consultant to Adapt and develop packages of youth employability skills [life skills] training CURRICULA FOR Amhara and somali regions - Readvertisement]]>



Terms of Reference(Individual Consultancy)




Consultant to Adapt and develop packages of youth employability skills [life skills] training CURRICULA FOR Amhara and somali regions



Project Background


Youth empowerment is EU-funded 42 months’ project targeting unemployed and under employed youth living in eight woredas of Sitti and Waghemera zones (four in each zones) in Somali and Amhara regional states respectively. The action is jointly implemented by Save the Children, the lead organization, OXFAM, Organization for Rehabilitation and development of Amhara (ORDA) and UNISOD. The action will also partner with relevant government authorities such as bureau of Labor and Social Affairs (BOLSA), Bureau of Youth and Sport (BOYS), and Burea of Women and Children Affairs(BOWCA), Technical and vocational Education training agency (TVET), Small Scale and Micro Enterprises Development agency (SMD) etc., – at Regional, Zonal and woreda level.


The overall objective of this action is to enable vulnerable young men and women (aged 15 -29) to successfully transition to decent jobs primarily through wage employment. There are seven key results the action aims at achieving in its 42 months (April 2018 – June 2021) life time.  These are :(1)Youth have improved economic opportunities; (2) youth transition to decent , wage based – work; (3) Youth have improved assets and financial literacy ; (4) community attitudes change positively towards wage employment in “market sheds” ;(5) entry level work opportunities are available to youth through on –job training and mentoring mechanism ; (6) private and public sector participation have increased in supporting transition to work in urban areas ;and (7 )transparency and functioning of the job market has improved


Under this project, SC and its partners are tasked with delivering packages of employability and life skill training and coaching manuals that includes life skill and empowerment, literacy and numeracy and financial literacy.


Overall Objective:


The objective of this consultancy is to provide technical expertise in adaptation of SC global packages of curricula on youth employability and life skill training and coaching manuals adaptation. The main deliverable is:  the production of three interrelated training curricula for youth aged 15 -29 and other ancillary manuals for mentors, trainers and participants, drawing on existing curricula provided by SC,


Detailed Description of Tasks


The work will take place over up to a maximum of 45 days between 15 August and 31 September 2018, primarily in Addis Ababa (although some travel to the two zones is likely). It will be undertaken in close collaboration with the co-authors and master trainers who improved and further developed the three curricula, both of which have been widely used in Ethiopia. The consultant’s activities will focus on the following tasks to be carried out in close collaboration with the SC team and partners:


·         Adapt an existing, high quality life skill /empowerment manual /curriculum (approximately 45 –hours in length) to the project context. The curriculum likely will draw on a training program currently in use in Ethiopia developed by Save the Children under POTENTIAL and Youth in Action Projects

·         Adapt an existing, high quality and youth-appropriate financial literacy curriculum for youth with low educational level and skill to the project context. The source curriculum is expected to be a 20-hour training program currently in use in Ethiopia and developed by Save the Children under Youth in action project.

·         Adapt an existing, high quality and youth-appropriate functional literacy and numeracy training guidelines, tools and materials to the project context. The source curriculum is expected to be existing Ethiopian ministry of education literacy and numeracy training materials and Save the Children developed materials in Youth in Action project,


However, the consultant should feel at liberty to suggest other potential curricula in her/his proposal deemed to be relevant to the operational context of this particular program in all the cases above.  It is also essential to refer to Save the Children’s high quality and globally proven life skills for success common approach as well as existing, high quality and youth-appropriate life skills training guidelines, (if any) from TVETs or other training institutions.


The assignment requires engagement of pertinent Government actors [TVETs, ministry of education, Ministry of Women and Children affairs etc..] in the design or development of the life skills guideline. The consultant will coordinate her/his activities with SC senior technical staff and with the technical manager of this project.

Deliverables/Milestones & Due Dates





Due Date


Adapt or design the following three training curricula for the project context:

a)      45 hours in length life skill and empowerment curriculum 

b)      12 months’ periods literacy and numeracy

c)      20 hours in length financial literacy

·         Life skill and empowerment training curriculum and its respective manuals for (mentors, trainers and participants)

·         Literacy and numeracy training curriculum and its respective manuals for mentors, trainers and participants

·         Financial literacy training curriculum and its respective manuals  for mentors , trainers and participants

TBD upon signing of the contact

 20 days

Total LOE

20 days


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<![CDATA[Designing and Conducting Project Management Training]]>

SNV is a not-for-profit international development organisation. Founded in the Netherlands 50 years ago, we have built a long-term, local presence in 39 of the poorest countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Our global team of local and international advisors works with local partners to equip communities, businesses and organisations with the tools, knowledge and connections they need to increase their incomes and gain access to basic services – empowering them to break the cycle of poverty and guide their own development. For more information on SNV's operations, visit our website:

National Biogas Programme of Ethiopia (NBPE) has been under implementation since 2009 in 4 large regional states of Ethiopia, namely Amhara, Oromia, SNNPR and Tigray, funded by DGIS through the Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP). The Government of Ethiopia also provides funding in it phase II for the investment incentive (subsidy) for end-users. NBPE Phase II will run until March 2019. Hivos is the fund manager and SNV provides technical assistance.

A new programme funded by EU and Government of Ethiopia was designed and it came to implementation phase from April 12, 2018. The new programme is called Biogas Dissemination Scale-Up Programme (NBPE+). It is expanding to additional 4 new regions (Afar, Benishangul-Gumuz, Gambella and Somali) with overall target of 36,000 installations of household size and 40 larger size digesters with 63 months implementation period. 

The assignment is to design and conduct a tailor-made project management training programme for the senior and relevant programme staff under the 8 RBPCUs, NBPCU as well as SNV NBPE team. 

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<![CDATA[Driver to the Country Director]]>

  • Performs driving duties on the basis of a daily trip schedule, as well as upon ad-hoc request from the Transport and Security Coordinator;

  • Drives safely and carefully, observing the speed limits and traffic rules; takes extra caution in bad weather or if the road is in bad condition.

  • follows the Vehicle Management Guidelines and ensures that all passengers do the same, especially with regard to wearing seat belts;

  • Immediately informs the Transport and Security Coordinator about any deviations from the schedule or changes in ETA or ETD;

  • Updates vehicle logbooks/sheets, trip- and fuel records and ensures that they are signed appropriately;

  • Makes timely requests for refuelling and performs the necessary administration;

  • Always carries a valid driving license while driving;

  • Ensures assigned vehicles are checked every morning for operation of electrical systems, water levels, oil level, brake & clutch fluids level, and accessories are available e.g., jack, spare wheel, wheel spanner, mats, first aid kits, fire extinguishers etc

  • Performs daily vehicle checks according to checklist/instruction, and every week inspect assigned vehicles and accessories and fill out the inspection form

  • Ensures that the vehicle is in good condition and equipped with the necessary tools and safety materials as well as routinely checks the validity of insurance and next service time and promptly advice the Transport and Security coordinator;

  • Maintains cleanliness of all assigned vehicles (inside and outside)

  • Maintains clean personal grooming habits and be in uniform at all times.

  • Maintain confidentiality for sensitive information during transporting the CD and other high profile visitors and guests.

  • Ensure vehicle has adequate fuel and is fuelled at ¼ tank unless proceeding to the field and recording the quantity & km reading on the Log sheet.

  • Plan ahead to meet anticipated field travel requirements e.g. fuelling, pre-field checks, travel documents, vehicle expenses, and any other documents

  • Liaise and prepare well in advance in collaboration with persons travelling well ahead for packing instructions, timings etc

  • Report all vehicle costs incurred while in the field to the Transport and Security coordinator.

  • Report and make booking for routine servicing of assigned vehicles well in advance to the Transport and Security coordinator

  • Report any accidents, damages, loss of items, defecting, and incidents no matter how small or slight to the Transport and Security coordinator on arrival or on noting them using the vehicle defect form.

  • Report/communicate immediately any route changes while driving staff transport/field to the Transport and Security coordinator due to security, bad weather and road conditions as the situation arises.

  • Participate in orientation of new Transport staff and assist them in settling down.

  • Give feedback on training one has attended that may be beneficial to all.

  • Comply with and observe the Ethiopian Traffic Law & organization’s policies on driving at all times.

  • Ensure all details on the Log sheets are filled out (date, time, km readings, fuel details), promptly collect used sheets at the end of every month or when filled up, to avoid loss or defacing.

  • Attend regular meetings and actively participate in discussions.

  • Measure and evaluate own performance when required and overall performance at the end of the year.

  • Responsible for the correct loading and unloading of the vehicle;

  • Secures and guards the vehicle while outside the Country Office premises;

  • Ensures that the vehicle is not on the road between 7:00 pm and 6:00 am and that all exceptions of this rule have been approved by the Transport and Security Coordinator or his / her representative

  • Gives transport (driving) service to other employees when the CD (office) doesn’t have movement schedule.

       Administrative / Clerical Role


    • Assist CD office and Logistics and Admin Dept. on distribution of letters and documents

    • Assist line manager in routine paper works such as log sheet compilation, organize fuelling documents and others as assigned

    • Assist line manager in vehicle assignment of the CO staff

                  Role related to vehicle maintenance 
  • follows up of routine preventive maintenance on Plan Ethiopia vehicles (oil and filter changes, greasing, lubricating) and check-ups according to schedule;

  • assists the Supply Administrator with the identification of spare parts and consumables used and with the correct recording of stock transactions;

  • follows/checks maintenance performed by external workshops under the coordination of the Transport and Security Coordinator;

  • signs for works performed and materials used both internally and externally

  • Updates the vehicle logbook accordingly.

  • Assists transport coordinator in rental vehicle checks when required.

    Other tasks

  • Performs any additional duties as and when requested by the Transport and Security Coordinator and/or Head of Logistics and Admin.

    Child Protection and Gender Equality

  • Demonstrate commitment to Plan’s child protection policy through implementing the policy in its entirety, and report any actual or potential risk situations following the reporting procedures, being aware of abuse and risks to children, being vigilant, becoming familiar with the Child Protection Policy.

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