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We have made some changes!

In today’s competitive job market, we want to make sure our users make the best of our platform and connect with employers and find the right jobs to upgrade their careers. That is why we have made some changes to the user profile and CV upload Form fields for job seekers

What is being changed?

Below are quick details of the changes we have made:

  • Profile update:Job seekers will now be prompted to update their profile as we have added some fields, which we believe are essentials for job seekers to include on their profiles. Examples of essential fields are listed below:
    • Gender
    • Profession
    • Career Level
    • Currently/Recently Employed at
    • Current/Recent Job Title
    • Field of Study
    • Highest Education Level
    • Total year of experience
  • CV update:all job seekers will be asked to upload a new CV if the current CV on their profile is older than 1 year. This is to make sure that employer companies get the most up-to-date data of job seekers when they apply for open positions. After the changes are live, job seekers will be redirected to their profile page upon logging in to their accounts.

How will this affect job seekers?

Below are quick details of the changes we have made:

  • Job seekers will be prompted to their profile page, once they log in to our site so that they can update their profile and CVS before they can apply for new positions.
  • If a job seeker's profile is out of date and the essential form fields are not filled out, they will be directed to their profile page when they log in or begin the application process for a vacancy.
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