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    Esrael Tesfaye

    it is good idea I’m very happy continue

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      Of course, if state gometnvenrs were held to the same standards as businesses, hundreds (thousands?) of legislators and governors would be sitting in prison cells for fraud. “Mandated balanced budgets” are pure paper – unethical bookkeeping is the norm in state government. This is where it’s fair to compare American states to sovereign nations like Greece and Portugal. The politicians keep papering over their debts to keep the money flowing to electoral special interests, and keep themselves in office. Illinois, California… meet Greece. And like Greece, eventually the game ends. Illinois is borrowing to pay off earlier borrowing to pay off ongoing expenses – never mind the massive unfunded liabilities. Illinois will fail. You can paint it any way you want, but Illinois will fail.

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    False Growth

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    may be at norhern part of the country otherwise we are in the absolute poverty . specially government employers are struling for survival but not sufficient …….

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      I am sure you are from Eritrea. So you do not need the growth of our country. It is only an envy. Any way, I wish your country Eritrea also had this fate of growth. And do not try to release your poison of racism. The North, South East and West are all one. You better try to work hard for growth not for destruction.

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      Hi,I am putting a prejoct together to educate the child about the bullying andwill help with the anti bullying cause. I will air my first segment tomorrow but this is becoming my on going prejoctdue to our most recent case of Amada Todd. I have a full support from the TV networks and our connections, and we will also be featuring our premiere (Christy Clark) on our show about this anti bullying cause. If you wish to join us, we would love to help promoting your cause. Our show air weekly in BC and AB but our TV networks covering national wide. Please connect with me, you are a great cause and we would love to help.Together, we can educate our society to be a better one. Best regards, Ann EvansExecutive ProducerHello! Thailand TV

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    I had to use a PART of it for my education tuiiotn or books but they didn’t say how big (or small) a part it had to be, so I used it as I saw fit. But be careful you’ll have to pay that crap back.


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