Work Place: Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Aug 12, 2021
Term of Reference for Creative Agency / Video and Photo documentation RFP- RFP No: 00012     Purpose: Procurement of Service – Video and Photo documentation Period of Performance: August, 2021 or as agreed Place of Performance: Addis Ababa, and other Regional Cities (through field visits) DESCRIPTION OF REQUIREMENT Background The...
International Labour Organization - ILO
Work Place: Addis Ababa
Aug 15, 2021
The International Labour Office (hereinafter the “ILO”) is pleased to invite your company submit a bid for the described in Annex I. When preparing your quotation, please bear in mind that any and all services provided to the ILO are subject to the Terms and Conditions Applicable to ILO Contracts. Please return your completed offer to the ILO together with the Certification form...

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