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Posted: Today
ZePlash Trading PLC
Work Place: Addis Ababa
Level: Mid Level ( 2+ - 5 years experience)
Mar 14, 2024
ZePlash Trading PLC is a WARYT Business Group company engaged in importing and sourcing business.  It imports and sources various types of Buildings Finishing, Electrical and Sanitary materials, furniture and fixtures for Hotels, Banks, Offices, Apartments etc. ZePlash wants to recruit qualified and experienced personnel to the following vacant position.      ...

Store Keeper

Posted: 4 days ago
KK Private Limited Company
Work Place: Addis Ababa
Level: Senior Level (5+ years experience)
Mar 8, 2024
The store keeper is responsible for properly handling of materials that are purchased and providing for the concerned party.  Maintain safe custody of all raw materials, purchased items in stock and other related store inventories. Provides reports upon request. Also performs other duties as assigned by the department, etc.

Operational Audit Manager

Posted: 5 days ago
Awash Wine Share company
Work Place: Addis Ababa
Level: Managerial Level (Manager, Supervisor, Director)
Mar 9, 2024
Wine making has been a part of the Ethiopian culture for more than a millennium, dating back to the Axumite era. Although this traditional method has survived all that time, the methods, quality, and variety stayed the same. In 1943 GC (1936 Ethiopian Calendar), a Greek family started the first winery in Ethiopia around followed by an Italian family who established their winery at Mekanisa....

Part Store Keeper

Posted: 1 week and 3 days ago
Work Place: Kera Branch, Addis Ababa
Level: Mid Level ( 2+ - 5 years experience)
Mar 4, 2024
KAKI PLC is an official dealer and assembler of ISUZU in Ethiopia. It is also engaged in different business lines including import, export, metal fabrication, after sales services, and cargo freight transport operations. The company wishes to employ a qualified professional for the Part Store Keeper position. General Duties and Responsibilities: Responsible for receiving and recording...

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