About Adinas Construction Material Supplier


Adinas Construction Material supply was established on June 5, 2015. It is a sole proprietary company formed according to the Ethiopian commercial code.  Adinas is a collaborative partner for Dangote cement factory and local cement and steel factory, that operates in the sales and distribution of Cement and Reinforce bars as an agent. It is locally well grounded company that builds values by developing ideas into completed products based on Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

It is totally committed to contribute its share for the development of the country’s infrastructure and to improve the living conditions of its people. To achieve the goals, it embarks on sales and distribution business that has already been started. The skills of staff capabilities and interest have been growing and the organization currently has professional service in the sales, distribution and warehousing.


Adinas Construction Material Supply has a vision of becoming the foremost Cement and Reinforce bar distributor in Ethiopia.

Its vision drives its core values which are centered on providing excellent product delivery, building strong relationships with operators and regulators in the industry, improving knowledge through continuous learning and creating value through innovative solutions.



Adinas Construction Material supply has a mission of creating value for our clients delivering innovative solutions. Its mission drives undeniable capabilities as:

  • Quality of building
  • Integrated projects
  • Adaptability to local needs and features

Committed to unleash their effort for the provision of the products and wellbeing satisfaction of the society.


Enhancing its profitability by increasing its market share through the provision of good customer service and to fulfill our social obligation by maintaining the wellbeing of the employees.


Adinas provides quality services to its customers in the construction sectors for Bridges, Roads, Building constructions, Individual contractors and retail services at the right time and at the right place according to their needs.


Excellence in delivery

  • Adinas Construction Material Supply provides optimum value to its clients by using our bulk and trailer truck’s for desired products to our Customers on Time. Beside that we use technology oriented controlling system on the overall work flow of the firm.

Strong Relationships

  • The Company strives to develop and strengthen relationships with reputable and expert firms to meet its client’s diverse needs.

Continuous learning

  • Our company continually develops and harnesses knowledge of the market and the needs and prefe