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About ABH Services plc

ABH Partners is a health consultancy firm registered in Ethiopia in 2007. The company was founded by health professionals who have acquired extensive technical and programmatic experience in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health and health related programs and projects at facility and community level while working with the government and international and national non-governmental organizations. As such, ABH strives to establish a center of excellence that integrates research (including surveys, surveillance, monitoring and evaluation) and capacity building (primarily focusing on short-term and long-term in-service training tailored to the needs of clients). To fully shoulder this vision, it has established strong partnerships with relevant institutions both locally and abroad.



ABH has a dedicated staff and panel of experts in various disciplines who are engaged in various capacity building, needs assessment, monitoring and evaluation activities. While the permanent staff serve as the operational arm of the organization, its panel of experts in education, biostatics, public health, epidemiology, nutrition, project development, monitoring and evaluation offers it a unique pool of multidisciplinary team to respond to the needs of its current and potential stakeholders. Since its establishment in Ethiopia in 2007 primarily as a research institution, ABH has expanded its scope of work to include development and organization of tailor-made and need- Based training programs. ABH has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Jimma University to collaborate in service provision in the area of trainings and researches.