About Addis Ababa University: EU Transformation Triggering Facility (TTF) Project


The Transformation Triggering Facility (TTF) is a project designed to support Ethiopia in its economic transformation. Through targeted interventions in selected sectors and institutions, the TTF aims to contribute to transformative and poverty reduction growth through enhancing investment, creating jobs and improving productivity. The TTF engages with a wide array of stakeholders/target groups including Public Technical Institutes, Intermediary organizations and SMEs. The main partners are the Ministry of Finances and Economic Cooperation, the Ministry of Industry, the Ethiopian Investment Commission and the Addis Ababa University. The TTF has four main components:

Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) and markets development;

Business skills enhancement and the fostering of innovation;

Hubs development;

Capacity building and policy fine-tuning.

The overall objective of the Mid-term Review was to assess the implementation of the TTF since August 2013 and provide recommendations for the way forward. The NAO and the EUD used the recommendations of the evaluation report as a tool to further improve implementation of TTF until the end of its implementation period (2019). The tasks included preparatory work including designing checklists and questionnaires for conducting interviews and review of management and administrative records, data collection, analysis, report drafting, feedback, editing and report finalizing.