About Zebidar Brewery SC
Zebidar Brewery S.Co is a company established in accordance with the Ethiopian Law. It is jointly owned by Ethiopian and Belgian companies who have their own legal states in their respective country of origin. 

Vision of Zebidar 
Zebidar Brewery Share Company visualizes to be a first ranking brewery producing Ethiopia’s finest beer for domestic and international markets. 

Mission of Zebidar 
The main mission of Zebidar is to produce quality beer in different packages in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. It intends to be competitive in the beer market, make reasonable profit to its shareholders and create employment opportunity for both skilled and unskilled laborers. 

Objectives of Zebidar 
The core objective of Zebidar is implementing a Greenfield Brewery project having an initial capacity of 350,000 HL per annum, increasing to 650,000 HL within 5 years time.