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About R&D Entrepreneurship & Outsourcing Center PLC
R&D is member of RBD Group, a Dutch based consultancy firm with wide experience in the field of Public Private Partnership, Social Entrepreneurship, management consultancy, CSR (corporate social responsibility) consultancy, Sustainable business setup and international business management.

Set up by an Ethiopian born Dutch entrepreneur R&D Group aims to help existing and startup companies increase their profitability and business performance by providing exceptional management, operations and system expertise. The company is a pioneer in the service export sector by being active in offshore outsourcing activities. With this newly found service sector it has been strongly working with international organizations that contract out tasks and praise the deliveries made.

At R&D we aim to stimulate the creation of socially responsible business and help organizations in Africa, specifically in Ethiopia grow strategically.We provide our customers with a complete full scale, cost effective and efficient business solutions tailored to the client's specific needs. We help our customers to be prepared to the competitive world by tackling most internal and external driving forces that affect the way their business operates. Our services are designed to tackle business challenges in different parts of your organization. We help you prepare and adapt for continued growth by providing high quality business solutions, creating operational efficiencies and implementing strong business intelligence that allows you take your business to a higher level.

Our team is made up of young and talented professionals with outstanding academic background, who have received diverse skills training by foreign experts, making them excel in their chosen careers in management, communication, information technology, and human resource management. We are as a result able to deploy a state of art resources in providing tailor-made services to our clients. This makes us a unique organization in our field allowing us to offer you with a range of business support services to help your organization become competitive.