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About Abem Travel and Tour PLC
Abem Travel and Tour company dedicated to provide a professional consultancy on travel related matters and wide scope of services
To be the leading travel agent and related services company of choice, providing premier services and innovative options to all customers with,
• Highly professional,
• Fast,
• Stable,
• Flexible,
• Competitively priced,
• Continually improving

Abem Travel Agency now known as Abem Travel and Tour Agency  was established in the year 2000. The company has been entirely run by Ethiopian professionals in the full time employment of the company. Abem Travel and Tour Agency is a full-grown, through these years it has made deep penetration into air travel and related business and now can be ranked as competent travel and tour agency in Ethiopia.

The company’s main services are offering competitive and economical airfares, organizing group tours all over the world, hotel bookings, facilitating the process for pilgrims and giving consultancy to clients regarding their air travel. More than five years Abem has been the representative for Bangkok International Hospital. Our company has expanded its business and has become the executive distributor for Steelbinding product that is Unibind.

Today the agency is giving its services to wide range of clients, international and local non – governmental organizations, embassies and other prominent companies.