About Verde Beef Verde Beef Processing plc is engaged in integrated Animal Fodder Development Ranching and Meat Processing. 

Verde Beef Processing PLC is a world-class operation with current capacity to produce premium grain-fed beef for export.  We are a fully integrated facility with irrigated feed production capacity and a new state of the art abattoir production facility underway.  We will become the largest cattle feedlot operation in Northern Africa with a targeted capacity to feed, process and export more than 130,000 carcasses per year.
We are here to be part of the agricultural transformation, and for the good of Ethiopia to demonstrate and create new approaches to modern agriculture in collaboration with the people of Ethiopia.
We support our local community by purchasing young cattle, inputs for feed and creating jobs that teach skills vital to competing in the global marketplace.  We are also demonstrating how a professional business can employ, train and invest in skills with local communities through a focus on creating new local jobs and skills.

We have created more than 3,500 incomes through local sourcing of inputs, and we have more than 450 employees on our farm.  As we expand our operation, these numbers will grow rapidly, and we intend to ensure the vertical integration from feedlot to abattoir creates meaningful jobs and improves livelihoods at a local level.  

We support the local economy by creating a premium product with local materials, which is then exported, generating much needed foreign currency.