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About F and S BD Services PLC One of the first ideas to develop a corporate structure was based on Ethiopia. In 2007 ICCO saw opportunities in this country to jointly invest in, for example, cooperative farmers’ organizations to set up agricultural production (eg ‘teff’, an important cereal crop in Ethiopia), associated production units and other small farmers -cooperatives. The Ethiopian law, however, did not allow NGOs to invest and NGOs are subject to strict regulations regarding their operations in Ethiopia. Also because of potential political pressure they may impose. ICCO concluded that the best option would be to start a  Private Limite Company, given the Ethiopian context and the plans ICCO had with Ethiopia.
It was determined that F&S Business Development Services was owned by F&S Participations for 25% and the other 75% belongs to F&S Advisory Services. This means that 100% of the shares are managed by ICCO.