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About BRIGHT FUTURE ETHIOPIA DEVELOPMNET AND CHARITY ASSOCIATION Bright future pastoralist and agro pastoralist development initiative is a local non-governmental organization established in 2013 by few developments oriented individuals who are dedicated for pastoral communities’ development and worked and lived in different pastoral and agro pastoral communities of Ethiopia. It is non-political, non-religious, non-racial, and non-profit-making development organization devoted to make a positive lasting change in pastoral and agro pastoral communities of Ethiopia
Bright future pastoral and agro pastoral development initiative is committed to see sustainable and alternative livelihood of the pastoral community of Ethiopia and realized the need of cooperation and integration of likeminded organizations, forums, associations in the country. Pastoralists in Ethiopia like in the other African countries pastoralists have continuously suffered from a long history of political, economical, and socio-cultural marginalization. Quite recently the pastoralists’ problems have been exacerbated by climatic shocks such as drought, flood, disease etc. Due to this bright future pastoralist and agro pastoralist initiative will work closely with government of Ethiopia to alleviate the deep rooted problems of this particular society.