About Alkan Health Science, Business and Technology College

ALKAN Health Science Business and Technology College was founded in December 2002 as ALKAN Private Limited Company (ALKAN PLC). Under the umbrella of ALKAN PLC, with its name as ALKAN Health Science College was opened in two cities namely Addis Ababa and Bahir-Dar. Being registered by the Ethiopian HERQA, the college enrolled students in the former 12 + 2 diploma program in Clinical Nursing and Pharmacy Technician. When the Government launched the new TVET program in 2004, the college adopted the new program and started to train at 10 + 1, 10 + 2 and 10 + 3 level in the above mentioned departments in both campuses. In 2004 the college opened Medical Laboratory department in its Addis Ababa and Bahir-Dar campuses after studying its feasibility in 10 + 3 level. Broadening its service, the college has made an expansion and opened one new campus in Dessie in 2006. This new campus was accredited by the regional TVET agencies to teach in Pharmacy Technician and Clinical Nursing.

In 2005/06 academic year the college has built its capacity well and up-graded its programs to degree level and got pre accreditation in its Bahir-Dar and Addis Ababa campuses to train students at degree level in nursing and pharmacy professions. The college has also got accreditation from   HERQA in Public Health, Accounting, Sociology and Social Anthropology and Management in Bahir-Dar campus and Public Health and Sociology and Social Anthropology in Addis Ababa campus in 2009. This was the land mark for restructuring of the college from Department lead division to Faculty lead organization.


ALKAN Health Science Business & Technology College aspires to be the center of excellence in teaching, research and community services in East Africa by 2040.


  • Provision of high quality and regionally relevant trainings through research at different levels to produce competent graduates that become professionals in their area of expertise
  • Respond to societal problems through active community engagement
  • Provide consultancy services for the public, institutions, and policy makers.

Core Values

  • Quality Education
  • Freedom of Thought and Expression
  • Innovativeness and Creativity
  • Good Governance and Integrity
  • Team Spirit and Teamwork
  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Quality Customer Service
  • Responsible Citizenship
  • National Cohesion and Inclusiveness
  • Secularism