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About BCaD Consulting Management PLC

BCaD Consulting Management was established in 1998 as a sole Proprietorship business organization under the commercial law of Ethiopia and got incorporated as PLC in 2011. Our company is proficient in undertaking consultancy and training activities in the area of business management and development services in Ethiopia. BCaD carries out a wide range of business support activities through high caliber multidisciplinary professionals in various fields. We use both custom made models as well as internationally anchored ones for facilitating enterprise competitiveness.


Uphold leadership in the empowerment of leaders and managers in the private sector through building their competencies to create innovative Businesses and manage them through continuously transforming their business problems into opportunities.


BCaD is positioned to foster self-employment opportunities, income growth to a broader base of targeted customers and profitability of business enterprises in Ethiopia and beyond through custom made business services it renders commercially based on demand.

Through the various services it renders to its clients, BCaD aims to:

  • Create young entrepreneurs and business leaders and sharpenmanagers through innovative training and consequent. Outreaches with on the spot business development services(BDS),
  • Enhance self-employment opportunities,Build the competitiveness of business enterprises through technological advancement and modern management science across priority sectors of the country including textile & garment, leather and leather products, agriculture and agro-processing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, ICT, metallurgy, etc.
  • Coach business development agents (DAs) to effectivelyfacilitate business development services (BDS),
  • Support value chain development initiatives through a comprehensive and all inclusive analysis and facilitation;
  • Forster supply chain management through training and consulting.



BCaD-Consulting Management is a consulting company practicing a professional excellence through maintaining the delivery of genuine and high quality services and keeping professional ethics. The firm carries out a wide range of activities through the involvement of high calibre multidisciplinary professionals.


The following Business Development Services (BDS) are our instruments by which we strive to attain our mission. Most of the tools we use are internationally anchored for which we have international networks and associations for updating the packages and sharing experiences.