About Hilina Enriched Foods PLC Hilina Foods is a private limited company established in 1998. As its initial establishment, the center produced roasted and milled full fat soy flour, as well as iodized salt for UN agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and the general public. In the year 2006 the center later acquired a franchise permit from Nutriset S.A.S France for the production and distribution of Plumpy range of products. Starting from February 2007 the Center has been producing Plumpy nut, which is “Ready to use Therapeutic Food” (RUTF) and Plumpy sup (RUSF) with a production capacity of 40MT/Month. And Dimbuch started to be produced since February 2016 with a production of 79.2 MT. Currently, the center has a capacity of producing RUF products from 400 up to 500MT/Month.

Hilina Enriched Foods is one of the main players in the field of nutritional food, manufacturing a selection of nutritional solutions ranging from the prevention to the treatment of malnutrition for vulnerable populations. We are a quality conscious agro processing company with high corporate standards.