About PureWood Pulp Paper & Packaging PLC

Our scale, leanness and focus make us different. We target niche markets with a broad portfolio of Tissue products. Our manufacturing flexibility, product development lead times and go-to-market strategy allow us to challenge industry convention. Take alook at our capability. Let’s work together to develop the right paper for your needs.

Who We Are

PUREWOOD PULP PAPER & PACKAGING PLC which is a joint Ethiopian Diaspora / Chinese joint-venture company is a Paper and Paper Products Manufacturing Plant for the local and export market in Oromia region Dukem, Eastern Industrial Zone with a capital of USD 60 million.

What We Do

Our factory is engaged in the manufacturing of Napkin / Toilet Paper: 10,000 Ton/year; Kraft Paper: 15,000 Ton/year; Carton board:7,500 Ton/year; and Jumbo tissue rolls to converting factories

Why Choose Us

"Purewood Pulp Paper and Packaging PLC utilizes around 32,500 tons of jumbo roll every year to produce its different products. Around 10,000 tons of this jumbo roll is used in the production of Napkin/Toilet Paper. Another 15,000 tons of jumbo roll is utilized for Kraft Paper and around 7,500 tons of jumbo roll for the produciton of Carton Board. The raw materials we use for our jumbo roll production are recycled papers, Bagasse (sugar cane residue) and pulp."