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About Pastoralist Concern

Who we are

Pastoralist Concern (PC) is a pastoralist initiated, inspired and led Civil Society Organization (CSO) committed to Ethiopian pastoralist development and founded in 1995. As our people are from pastoralist communities, we know and understand pastoralism and its dynamics not from blue prints but from having lived the life. Our vision is “to see improved and sustainable livelihood of the pastoralist communities of Ethiopia and further realize strong co-operations with neighboring countries’ pastoralist communities.”


“Pastoralist communities in Ethiopia have improved and sustainable livelihoods, and engage in strong cooperation with neighbouring countries’ pastoralist communities.”

PC’s mission is to bring on positive changes in the lives of poor and marginalized pastoralists through promoting sustainable development projects, humanitarian interventions and action orientated researches.

The objectives of PC include responding to humanitarian emergency, rehabilitation and development interventions in pastoral areas; promoting innovation in pastoral development approaches, strategies and choices projects pertinent with dynamics emerging in pastoral areas; conducting action orientated research on socio-economic dynamics and indigenous knowledge of the pastoral communities from the potential perspective rather than weakness and vulnerability side only.