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About Royal Foam, Spring Mattress and Plastic Manufacturing PLC Company profile

Back ground of the company

The young, visionary and energetic investor who is now the owner and CEO of the enterprise, Ato Eyob Negussie began his business life by distributing variousfoam portfolios from a single, small family owned retail store located at Merkato. By use of this opportunity as a spring board, he was able to initiate and establish the so called Royal foam, spring mattress and plastic manufacturing company.
When we look at the organized history of Royal foam, spring mattress and plastic manufacturing enterprise, it dates back to 2003 E.C when the first production plant officially started its operation around Kara Kore by a startup capital of 3,000,000.00ETB.Little by little, as the brand gets remarkable acceptance in the market, it enabled the enterprise to increase its sales volume and get considerable market share in the foam industry. During this time, the owner became capable of improving the old machineries and made a lot of expansion works. The second spring mattress production plant was launched in oromia region around AlemGena.
Currently the company is producing more than 10 foam and spring brands in the three production plants. All the products are made available allover the country in its own 14 big sales out lets and major whole sale agents including the giant Addis Fana and EIIDE retail stores. This time, the company has the total production capacity of 259,833.60 m3 per annum from the three production sites. Because the company has built favorable public image, it became one of the most prominent mattress manufacturers in the country.
Thus, Royal is now working with big government and private buyers such as ministry of defense, universities, hospitals, hotels and other many more business and nonprofit making institutions.
Now a day the company is trying its best to the country’s development in the reduction of poverty by creating excellent job opportunities for more than 600 permanent and temporary employees. Moreover the company is supplementing the economy by earning foreign hard currency from its export business.
In near future, Royal will have three additional production plants in Hawassa and major cities of the country. The business is also alarmingly expanding to furniture supply, construction, cement bag production, hotel service and other businesses. These all portray the bright future of the enterprise.