About WGGA Medical Services PLC
The center, founded with 15 million birr capital, was named “WGGA” to symbolize the initials of the four owners and for the Amharic translation of ‘price’, as it promises the treatment offered to its patients will be affordable.
The four shareholders of the company are Doctor Adam Waksor, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon at the Geisinger Medical center in Pennsylvania, U.S., Melaku Game, a hematologist at the royal Alexandria hospital, Cross Cancer Center Institute, and Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Alberta, Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Doctor Haregua Getu, an internist with a large family practice in Toronto, Canada and Sharon Ashton, an investment banker who worked for 30 years with UBS Bank (Canada) as head of their trading and asset management division.
All four are senior members of the Ethiopian North American Health Professionals Association (ENHAPA), a volunteer Diaspora organization committed to helping the development of medical infrastructure in Ethiopia.