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About East African Trading House PLC

East African Trading House /EATH / is Ethiopia's foremost and wide spread distribution and wholesaler of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). EATH's distribution and wholesale stores supplies quality and value added products at affordable rates to Large and Mid-Scale wholesalers, Retailers, Hotels and Restaurants, Government and Non-governmental institutions, and other establishments serving end consumers.

EATH is established aiming to Impacting the nation through distribution under the umbrella of East African Holding Share Company which is the Ethiopian based giant and visionary company being operated by expats and indigenous professionals. 

As the foremost institutionalized wholesale and Distribution Company in Ethiopia, East African Trading House and its flagship company East African Holding Share Company have been valuing the nation through industries and distribution more than two decades. Since its establishment in 1993, East African Trading House Plc has been gracing the homes of millions of Ethiopians with a variety of affordable fast moving consumer products through diversified distribution Model.

EATH is the only institutionalized Private wholesale and distribution company based in Ethiopia that is diversified across the nation and distributes its strategic supplier’s product for concentric and complementary market concepts ranging from Food, Home and Personal Care products.

Our distribution network, opening in strategic locations across the country, operates in accordance the emerging best distribution practices in order to reaching every households and end users successfully.

Our Vision

We envisage taking wholesale and distribution in Ethiopia to the next level, continuously reaching every retail outlet with a broader choice and becoming a primary choice across the value chain with socially responsible operation. 

Our Mission

We committed to operate as leaders in the Ethiopian FMCG wholesale and distribution industry by driving performance at every level of our value chain, meeting global standards in distribution operations and bench marking excellence in delivery with the highest level of integrity and commitment.