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About Edukans Foundation Mission 
The Edukans Group consists of Edukans International and three strong independent strategic partners. Each partner within the Edukans Group is committed to the shared mission:
“Training and educating people for a better life”
Edukans International
Edukans – with its headquarter in Amersfoort, the Netherlands – opened its first international office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in June 2016. Presently Edukans also has country offices in Kenya and Malawi and is currently in the process of opening an office in Uganda.
Edukans Group
The Edukans Group is a strategic cooperation between independent NGO’s based in Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi and the Netherlands:
Ethiopia: Development Expertise Center (DEC)
Ghana: Savana Signatures (SavSign)
Malawi: Education Expertise Development Foundation (EEDF)
The Netherlands: Edukans Foundation (Edukans)